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Here at Cowboy Financial we have over 10 years of logistic experience. We know first hand the importance of having a factoring company that you can trust and rely on because we have paid factoring companies for years.  Our goal is to be one you can trust and rely on - when all else fails count on the cowboy to pull through!

After seeing first hand some of the difficulties that carriers are presented with in dealing with factoring firms we aim to fix those. Some of these include being available, no hidden fees, providing explanations as to why we approve and disapprove certain credit checks, fast funding and last but not least being as personable and friendly as possible.

We aren't suits behind desks we are hard working cowboys that you can relate to!


Simple. Available. Fast. Honest. These are just a few of the many!

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Get Paid Fast!

Have the ability to get paid via debit card, ACH, wire transfer! Never worry about seeing that $ arrive in your account!

Personable Service

We want to be those friends you can count on. We are here to help and value your business so even if you have questions outside of factoring we will always do our best to help!


You see what we see - nothing hidden and no trickery! We want you to know as much as we do. Sense you are entrusting us with your receivables we report to you like your the boss man/woman!


1984 N 1000th Rd Eudora, KS 66025


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